5 Questions to Consider When Pricing Smart Products.

Imagine you are the CEO of an oral care company and you have been selling a product called the Power Brush 2000, a good electric toothbrush. Your revenue model was likely focused on profiting from selling the toothbrush with some creative pricing coming from the replacement heads (a typical “razor-razorblade” model perhaps with a subscription plan à la Dollar Shave Club). Now, your R&D group has a new product ready for launch, a toothbrush for the 21st century. The toothbrush is smart (it has built-in sensors and AI to detect plaques and cavities) and is connected via Bluetooth to the Internet. So, let’s call it the Smart Connect XL3000. Your job now is to price the Smart Connect XL3000, or, more broadly speaking, to articulate a revenue model.


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