If an Employee Loses Their Motivation, Find Out Why.


When one of your employees starts to seem unmotivated, you should try to find out why. It’ll be far easier to help once you know the reason for their lack of motivation. Talk to the person about what you’ve been seeing; make clear that your intention is to understand their perspective, not scold them. You may hear that the employee doesn’t think their work connects to their values. In that case, try to draw connections between what they do and what they care about. Or you may hear that the person feels they lack the skills their work requires. Respond by building their confidence — point out when they’ve overcome challenges in the past, and consider breaking their tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Or you may hear that the employee isn’t sure why they’re struggling. Encourage them to think carefully about what’s holding them back. After identifying the problem, brainstorm solutions and discuss how they can approach the situation more productively.

Adapted from “4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation,” by Richard E. Clark and Bror Saxberg


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