IPPM’s Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj, solutions not on the hopes of Albanians.

Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj: Compromise must now be done, not later on, not on the ruins of the hopes of Albanians. The situation is getting worse, on social networks are engaging individuals with calls for clash between opposition supporters and the majority. These are calls for civil conflict that should be stopped without starting. Only an agreement between the majority and the opposition eliminates this growing risk. The opposition must guarantee not attacking the institutions. Officers are the proud part of a country and should not be attacked.

The Majority should avoid any media statement, police action or state structures that exacerbates the situation. The wise people of our country need to join in a common approach to bring the country as soon as possible and with as little human, social and economic costs as possible. Today and not later, the country must get out of this cycle of poverty that day and night, our country and every Albanian. Former presidents, academics, writers, and public influential artists should join the responsibility to save the future of Albanians. Their silence and hesitation will seriously burden Albania and its future. The compromise must be done now, not later on, not on the ruins of the hopes of the Albanians.

Source: Telegraf.al


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