The IPPM’s Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj, about public trust in economy

The Honorary President of the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance, Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj has given an interview for “Klan Plus” television about factors that can improve or make worse public trust in economy.

Prof. Dr. Malaj expressed that expectations have a significant impact on consumption, household and business investment, which results on the overall economic growth. He also argued that the overall economic growth facilitates the sale of goods and services. As a result, sales growth increases production and creates jobs, thus reducing unemployment and poverty. Prof. Dr. Malaj said that it is necessary to find a solution for the protests as soon as possible because such an environment could cause losses to the economy, taking into account the events that took place in France a few months ago.

He also suggested that the government should manage the economic risks and also to get focused on reforms, social cohesion, by supporting each individual and family.

For more information (in Albanian language), please click on the link below:

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