Improving Deregulation and Fiscal Efficiency in Albania

Start Date: September 2016

End Date: February 2017

Region: Eastern Europe

Country: Albania

Supported by: IFC/World Bank

Project Description:

“Improving Deregulation and Fiscal Efficiency in Albania” project started this August 2016, by and between Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship (MEDTTE)  the Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) and the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM).

The  project will support the Government of Albania in further strengthening the implementation of the Integrated Planning System, which links strategic policy planning with the budget planning and public financial management more broadly.In particular, among others objectives, the project aim to maximize efficiency of PFM Reform by strengthening results focus in public financial management as well as policy planning, monitoring and evaluation.

The overall objective is to improve the Business and Investment Climate, in line with the objectives of the Government, towards trade facilitation, deregulation, improvement and easing of procedural and bureaucratic issues. The main objective will be to improve the delivery of government services towards enterprises, and as well, to increase formality throughout sectors, and payment of taxes, through the ease and elimination of procedural bottlenecks.

Under the Scope of Work, the parties will perform different tasks such as:

a) Conduct general assessments of the institutional framework, assessment of the system and develop gap analysis,assessment of the current situation to identify the regulatory framework and environment creating impediments for economic growth etc.

b) Conduct workshops.

c) Develop recommendations and provide advise.

d) Develop an action plan etc..

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