Arben MalajHonorary President

Arben Malaj, Prof. Dr. in University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy and President of Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance, holds a PhD Degree in Finance in and a Bachelor Degree in Finance from University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy. During his experience as an Economist for 27 years, he has covered important roles as Minister of Finance, Minister of Economy, Deputy Head of Parliamentary Commission for Economy an Finances, Head of Albanian Interparliamentary Delegation to EU Parliament, Head of Albanian Parliamentary Commission and Round Table for Stability Pact in the region, Head of Albanian Delegation to Central European Initiative, Governor of Albania in World Bank, Head of SME Tirana Section in the EU Phare Program.

He has conducted scientific research in the Harvard University, Center for Business and Government, John F. Kennedy School of Government, from September 2005-June 2006, in the topic of problematic (opportunities, challenges) of process of adhesion of Western Balkans Integration in EU. He was a Senior Executive Programme in the European Centre for Security, George C. Marshall Center Germany, in April 2007,  for the “Enlargement of EU and OTAN”.

He is an Economist with 27 years of experience, which includes PFM Reform Strategy, Fiscal Policy and fiscal planning, Macro-fiscal modeling, Budget Preparation, Budget Transparency, Programmed Budgeting and Performance-Based Budgeting, Fiscal Decentralization and intergovernmental transfers, Revenue Policy, Tax Administration and Revenue Management, Single Treasury Account, Cash Management, Treasury Management, Expenditure Management and Reporting, Budget Execution and internal control, Compensation reforms and payroll management, Debt Management, Budget Classification, Accounting Policy, Fiscal Reporting, Audit, etc.

Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj, in 1986, has been graduated in Finance at the University of Tirana. Since 1993, he has been part and full-time lecturer at Faculty of Economy at University of Tirana.

During 2005-2006 attended Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), as Senior Fellow at MRCBG, focusing on research on Western Balkans European integration.
Throughout his long professional career, Prof. Dr. Malaj has made a valuable contribution to the academic and public sector.

1997-1998 he served as Minister of Finance;
2002-2003 Minister of Economy and during
2004-2005 Minister of Finance.
During these mandates he served as Governor of Albania at the World Bank.

During 1997-2013, member on Albanian Parliament, chairman and vice chairman of the Parliamentary
Committee on Economy and Finance.

1999- 2001, he has been Chairman of Albanian Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliament.

In 2009 Prof. Malaj has been rated the country`s best politician.

In 2013 Prof. Malaj co-founded the Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance (
Now he is the Honorary President of IPPM. (

2015-2016, he has been elected as Chairman of the Economic Council of Mayor of Tirana.

2016-2017, has been rated as Albania’s best economist.

2016-2019 Member of Supervisory Board of Bank of Albania (

2016-2017, Rector of Luarasi University. (

In 2017, has been elected Honorary President of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce

December 2017 – Sept 2019 the Honorary Counsel of Austria (

I has held a series of open lectures at various Albanian, regional and American universities. He has given his public contribution to media and visual media through various opinions on issues of Albanian economy and finance.

Married with Raimonda, they have a daughter, Gerta, who studied math at Wellesley College
& MIT – Master of Engineering.

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