Code of Ethics

The Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) is a not-for-profit organization established as a center according to Albanian law and registered in Tirana City Court as a legal entity. In pursuing its mission to contribute to enhance the public awareness for the challenges of good governance through the development and promotion of alternatives for a higher quality of governance in the public and private sector as well as to ensure their commitment to good governance the Institute cooperates with public and private bodies, international organizations and other not-for-profit and non-governmental entities in Albania, Southeast Region and wider. It is focused in developing and promoting good governance best practices in public and private sector and fostering public debate on good governance.

The Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all its dealings and activities, and this Code of Ethics sets out the core principles that inform those standards.

  1. Honest and Ethical Conduct and Fair Dealing 
    Board members, experts and IPPM consultants should endeavor to deal honestly and ethically with public opinion, the partner institutions, civil society organizations and fellow associates. Statements regarding the Institute’s products and services must be true, and not be misleading, deceptive or fraudulent, and must be published online. There cannot be improper merits taken of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other improper practices.
  2. Use of confidential information 
    We protect confidential information provided to or generated by the Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance and refrain from unauthorized disclosure. Information that is not publicly Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance “Ismail Qemali” Street P27/1 Registration no.839 available is not to be used for any private or professional gain. This responsibility continues after employment or contract for services at the IPPM have ended
  3. Compliance with Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies
    The Institute requires that all associates, experts, directors and interns comply fully with all laws, rules, regulations and policies applicable to the Institute wherever it does research, surveys or related activities. The Institute has adopted and maintains an Institute Ethics Manual providing for a Compliance Committee comprised of certain senior managers. The Compliance Committee meets at least quarterly, or additionally in special occasions, to identify, assesses and acts as necessary on multiple aspects of compliance as broadly defined in this manual.
  4. Employment Practices
    The Institute works to ensure that all associates and applicants for employment are given consideration and treated without regard to their race, religion, origin, gender, age, marital status, disability or other characteristics protected by law. The Institute does not tolerate any behavior that harasses, disrupts or interferes with another person’s ability to work.
  5. Accuracy of Books and Records and Public Reports
    Institute officers, directors and experts will honestly and accurately report all financial transactions. Accurate information is essential in maintaining the Institute’s ability to meet legal and regulatory obligations. The Institute will never take any fraudulent action to influence, coerce, manipulate, or mislead any external accountant engaged to perform an audit of the Institute’s records and/or financial statements. All Institute’s books, records and accounts must be maintained in accordance with all applicable regulations and standards and accurately reflect the true nature of transactions recorded. Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance “Ismail Qemali” Street P27/1 Registration no.839
  6. Financial transparency
    We ensure financial transparency and disclosure of our activities. We apply best standards according to Albanian law to our accounting, audit and other financial practices, and in the same basis we expect our partner institutions to make the same. We will also abide and be in full compliance with the standards and rules of the potential donors we partner with. To ensure financial transparency IPPM will prepare and publish a yearly report of its finances and activities.
  7. Abuse of authority
    We pledge not to misuse authority entrusted to us for any sort of personal or professional gain