Municipal Economic Freedom Index for Albania 2022


Economic freedom is a potent catalyst for municipalities, optimizing resource allocation,
streamlining service delivery through outcomes-driven approaches, and fostering
innovation through result-oriented strategies. This nexus aligns seamlessly with principles
of accountability, transparency, and effective administration, collectively augmenting local
governance standards. Economic freedom grants municipalities the autonomy to cultivate
an environment where resources are harnessed judiciously, services are dispensed with
efficacy, and a fertile ground for innovation is nurtured. Beyond these tangible outcomes,
the ethos of economic freedom dovetails with broader concepts of civic participation,
empowerment, and the establishment of resilient local economies.
The Albanian Municipal Economic Freedom Index (MEFI) assumes the role of a strategic
framework meticulously engineered to amplify economic liberty and transparency within
municipal domains, cultivating a harmonious relationship between citizenry and local
administrative bodies. This comprehensive index undertakes an in-depth assessment
across 61 Albanian municipalities, scrutinizing 25 discerning indicators to illuminate the
contours of economic freedom operating at the grassroots. Beyond numerical data, this
evaluative framework empowers decision-makers, stimulates dialogue, and advances
service quality enhancements.

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