IPPM hosted by Lithuanian Free Market Institute for a methodological workshop MPI for Albania

On 12-13th of March, Lithuanian Free Market Institute hosted a dedicated workshop to discuss with IPPM experts methodological design concepts on implementing for the first time in Albania the Municipal Performance Index, a Templeton Freedom Award winning project from Atlas Network. Issues that were discussed during the workshop were addressing effectively the vacuum in municipal performance measurement at the present in Albania, the necessity to develop meaningful key performance indicators in this regard and tackling challenges arising from the limited availability of data at the local level.

Another important part of the workshop was success strategies followed by more than 16 countries for effective dissemination of Index findings to the wider public opinion making the information platform easily usable from citizens in the efforts to contribute value to the public opinion and initiatives to improve local governance quality in 61 municipalities around the country. IPPM aims through this initiative is to build a long-lasting collaboration with key stakeholders focused on the quality of governance at the municipal level and serve to citizens’ right to be informed on the quality of decision-making in their communities. Municipal Performance Index is also aimed to serve journalists as a reliable comparative benchmark to assess the performance of elected officials in local governments. Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance remains committed to support the cause of freedom of information and promote an economic freedom agenda for Albania.

The Municipal Performance Index is a success story of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute firstly implemented in 2011. To build the methodology for MPI, LFMI extensively consulted local communities, authorities, and investors to figure out what they valued in a municipality. LFMI has just released its ninth annual edition of the Municipal Performance Index, paired with a large, nation-wide policy and public opinion campaign. Over the time that the MPI has been in operation, the initiative has successfully mobilized different stakeholder groups and expanded the network of allies in building the case for meaningful policy change and to stimulate significant policy changes in favor of lower taxes, privatization, welfare reform, and more transparent and efficient local budgets.

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