IPPM supports the participation of Honorary President Prof.Dr. Arben Malaj at the International Conference on the Economic Development Spaces in Rome on 10-12 December.

The Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) at the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Project Competition focuses on the project’s purpose:

• Identify potential commercial partners for companies.

• All subsidiary business companies in the domestic market.

• To facilitate the transfer of activity.

• Assist SMEs in the face of market accidents and inform them of EU activities and funding opportunities.

• All companies specializing in EU legislation and policies, and decide to offer both standards and IPR.

• All comments on evaluating and giving all sorts of different.

The Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) supports the Honorary President of IPPM Prof.Dr. Arben Malaj at the International Conference on New Economic Space in Rome taking place from 10th – 12th December.

The NSE ExpoForum is an international event that will focus on the New Space Economy and its capability to promote and create new market opportunities and economic development in Europe. Organized in collaboration with Space Foundation, NSE Expo Forum will create an opportunity to meet and exchange views among existing and new industrial players, small and medium innovative companies, investors, venturers, startups, research centers, space agencies and institutions with interests in space.

Sectors covered will include all fields with a potential attraction towards Space Economy as bio-sciences, TLC, logistics, transportation, environmental sustainability, design & creativity, tourism, exploration, planetary resource exploitation. NSE ExpoForum will be composed by an exhibition area, a meeting area, conferences, and side events focused on B2B, B2G  as well as B2C (education and research) relations.

Space economy can be defined as: “all public and private actors involved in developing and providing space-enabled products and services. It comprises a rich and varied value-added chain, starting with research&development actors, manufacturers of space hardware and ending with the providers of space-enabled products and services to final users” Claire Jolly, Gohar Razi “The space economy at a glance”.


Rome host, the headquarters of several National Research Agency. Roma is a world renewed tourist destination, as well as a very important business center strategically placed in the middle of the Mediterranean areas crossroad between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

250 Italian Companies in different industries are linked to aerospace. Italy has a yearly turnover in the Space Economy sector estimated at 1.6 billion euros

Italian Fair and Exhibitions system drives 50% of SMEs export activities

Smart manufacturing, new technologies, industry 4.D, innovation policies have a strong SME focus


Flare Roma represents one of the largest and most prestigious exhibition poles in Europa. Located in a strategic position and served by an excellent transport network which makes it easy to reach. Fiera Roma has a multifunctional trade fair district on over 450.000 sq.m.


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