IPPM supports participation of Albanian IT WORKS company in B2B AgriFoodTech 2019 event to be held in the Netherlands on December 11-12.

Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) project where the main focus of the project is:

To identify potential commercial partners for companies.
To help companies do business in the internal market.
To facilitate technology transfer.
To help SMEs access new markets and inform them about EU activities and funding opportunities.
To advise companies on EU legislation and policies, as well as technical issues such as IPR standards.
Provide feedback on the attitudes and problems of entrepreneurs.

The Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance (IPPM) is supporting the participation of IT WORKS, an Albanian company specialized in IT data management, and data processing is providing outsourced deals to any EU-based company that seeks to outsource IT resources and data-related processes. The company also offers an equivalent degree in IT certified and licensed by the ministry of finance and economics. The company guarantees the recruitment of the most qualified personnel based on the partners’ requirement and their need for expertise. The company believes in a healthy organizational culture and champions every employee equally. The company supports its employees in achieving their maximum potential in the workplace and contributes to bringing the Albanian ICT sector forward.

The B2B event will take place in the Netherlands (Diezekade 2 5222 AK Den Bosch, Barbanhallen-s’Hertogenbosch Netherlands) on December 11-12, 2019. IT WORKS representative will be one of the shareholders of this company Mr. Bojken Gjoleka. At the AgriFoodTech 2019 fair and congress, we focus on connecting companies with R&D / knowledge institutes from high-tech systems and materials at Agri & Food and Horticulture.

Companies / organizations and R&D projects in the following areas are present at AgriFoodTech 2019:

– Vehicle construction and automation.

– Big data and IT.

– Smart and vertical farming.

– Testing and quality.

– Packaging.

– Food design.

– Social challenges such as food waste.

– Transparency and safe and healthy eating.

Albania 1

Belgium 5

Cyprus 1

Czech Republic 1

Estonia 1

Germany 1

Ghana 5

India 2

Iraq 1

Israel 1

Italy 2

Kenya 1

Netherlands 57

Nigeria 1

Turkey 1

Ukraine 1

United Kingdom 8

Viet Nam 2

Total 92

We wish all the success and further achievements to this company and its representatives in presenting Albania in the European markets of ICT companies with dignity.
Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
Agrofoodtech 2019
Perfaqesuesi i ITWORKS

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