How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest.


More and more professionals are tuning into podcasts as an information-packed complement to their daily commute, workout, or chores. Indeed, there are now an estimated 660,000 podcasts and 26% of Americans listen to at least one per month. As a result, podcasts have become a powerful marketing tool and a targeted way to spread your message to audiences ranging from talent leaders to bookkeepers to attorneys.

I made podcasts a driving force in the launch of my book Stand Out in 2015, securing 160 podcast appearances over the course of the year — and I replicated that for the launch of my most recent book, Entrepreneurial You, hitting the same number in a four-month period.  As a result, I’m often asked by professionals who want to promote their book, business, or cause how they can land podcast appearances for themselves. Here are five key strategies to follow.

Adapted from “How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest“, from Dorie Clark.

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