Capacity-building for youth self-employment. Go Green!

Start Date: 8 May 2018

End Date: 8 November 2018

Country: Albania

Supported by: Agency for the Support of Civil Society

Project Description:

The project “Capacity Building for Youth Self-Employment: Go Green” has as its main goal the creation of optimal conditions to facilitate self-employment of young people through the venture of new pro-environmental businesses in the four regions of the country. Through training, dedicated preparation of the Regional Self-Employment Guide and their promotion harmonized with the National Self-Employment Guide, it will be aimed young people to have clear knowledge, ideas and information on potential sectors with economic interest and all the stages they need to pursue the opening of a new business. The main focus of the guidance will be the analysis and adaptation of all procedures and processes that are successfully linked to self-employment and individual entrepreneurship by providing specific cases for self-employment initiatives in businesses for the environment by region of the country.


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