IMF Valuation for Albania’s Shadow Economy

The International Monetary Fund published in January 2018 the paper titled “Shadow Economies around the World: What Did We Learn Over the Last 20 Years?”, which analyzes 158 countries  for the period 1991 – 2015, including Albania.

Albania follows 53 other countries for the low share of the shadow economy. Average for the period 1991-2015, Albania ranks 54th at a weight of 28.5% of the shadow economy to GDP, measured according to the PMM method, or at a weight of 32.7% to the total of GDP, measured with the MIMIC method.

According to the MIMIC method, the maximum value was 41.18% of GDP in 1991, while the minimum value of the weight of the shadow economy for Albania was 25.41% of GDP in 2011.

For more information on the assessment of the shadow economy, not only for Albania, but also for the other 157 countries, as well as for the assessment methods of this economy (in English language), please click below:

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