IPPM’s Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj on “Berlin Plus” initiative

The Honorary President of the Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance, Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj, in a statement for ATSH, has expressed positive expectations on the Berlin Plus initiative, which provides for the creation of a common market of Western Balkan countries without barriers and tariffs. According to him, this initiative shows that the European Union not only re-emphasizes the future of the Western Balkan countries, but is also engaging in concrete steps, such as opening negotiations with some of these countries, and also other new initiatives such as “Berlin plus”.

However, Prof. Dr. Malaj said that the main impact of this initiative is testing our economies within their ability to compete in major European markets.

Malaj states that despite the task of supporting the market opening initiative, we must not forget the obligation to domestic producers and customers when different countries of the region tend to either direct or indirect subsidies to expand their presence in our markets by damaging domestic producers.

In this regard, the Honorary President of IPPM suggests that the performance of our institutions in the area of fair and free trade analysis should increase, and the trade balance must be constantly improved in order to not have crises currencies.

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