Youth in action: Monitoring the budgetary execution performance of Lezha Municipality with studentd in the role of watchdog

Project Leader: Youth Committee

Start Date: 05 October 2017

End Date: 05 September 2018

Country: Albania

Supported by: ANTTARC

Project Description:

This project aims to make youth a principal component for good governance in Lezha Municipality. The focus of this initiative are students of this municipality and the main idea behind it is related to youth’s active role in participating in the budget execution performance of the debate and transparency of local government units.  Youth Committee and IPPM are foreseen to train and make capable a “nucleus” group of students from all around the region that will serve as a catalyst of active civic participation in monitoring the budget execution performance, vocally demand for more transparency, and in perspective serve as trainers for other students, guaranteeing  in this way a long-lasting impact of this project in sustainable capacity building for youth in Lezha.

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