Memorandum of Understanding: IPPM – TESEV

Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance has signed a partnership agreement with the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV). This Memorandum of Understanding foresees a joint commitment toward economic development initiatives that will be undertaken by these two institutions with a specific focus on socio-economic ties between Turkey and Albania in a Regional perspective. 

From its establishment in 1994 until 2004, TESEV produced significant reports on poverty, economy and sectorial policies. In the beginning of 2004, by relatively altering its study fields, TESEV decided to reorganize its studies under three headings: Democratization, Good Governance and Transparency, Foreign Policy. All three programs were organized with advisory committees consisting of opinion leaders and academics as well as expert staff responsible for these programs. In the years to come, two other fields, Social Inequalities and Inclusiviness and Sustainable cities have been added to the strategic interest of Foundation. TESEV’s Executive Board and its researchers are currently working on the preparation of extensive research programs under fields of common interest with IPPM and both institutions are set to build a long-lasting partnership.

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