IPPM’s Honorary President, Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj on the new deceptive scheme that risks Albanian depositors

The risk of a deceptive scheme is threatening investors and small Albanian depositors. “Bitcoin”, the virtual currency is being presented as an extraordinary profit opportunity. As in any fraudulent scheme, about 88% of them will result in losing their money and only 12% can earn. The underlying principle of these deceptive schemes is the lure of high profits and the “crowd” psychology, where everyone who invests thinks that in the event of a crisis, they will immediately sell their investments and earn. In fact, in the case of these panic attacks, everyone is in panic. In these moments there are no buyers. When the supply increases and the demand is low, the price falls sharply, the remaining value of the Bitcoin currencies becomes small and the losses are heavier.

For the full article click on the link below, Telegraf Newspaper:


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