Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj, IPPM’s Honorary President, announced “Economist of the Year”

Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj, Honorary President of Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance and in the same time Member of the Supervisory Council of Bank of Albania and Rector of “Luarasi University” has been announced “Expert of the Year” from RTV SCAN. The popular radio-television of economic nature during the year has brought for the audience valuable thoughts of best known economists in the country, who have discussed a wide range of sensitive economic, financial and social issues. This prize was awarded to Prof. Malaj with the motivation “as one of the most active voices in TV SCAN screen in analyzing economic and financial issues in the country and wider. ”

Selection among most renowned voices in country’s economy came after the conclusion of this week survey in RTV SCAN, where most of participants have thought that Prof. Malaj, has been the Expert, who has treated most sensitive economic issues during this year in RTV SCAN.dsc_7405



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