Round Table: Amnesty or Decriminalization. Up to where?

IPPM in collaboration with the University LUARASI, has taken an initiative to open a public debate about one of the most immediate problems of the Albanian society, the fight against narcotics. This phenomenon is becoming day by day more alarming for our society, with obvious consequences in economic and social as well as the short and long term. To give a stronger voice to this phenomenon which is deepening more and more poverty gap in society, is becoming an increasingly large burden in the state budget and is instigating various forms of delinquency. Today in the premises of  SHLUJ LUARASI  was held a meeting in the form of an open debate where some of the best experts in the legal and economic field expressed their opinion in terms of the issues and potential opportunities to combat this phenomenon.

Some of the main concerns and issues raised in the panel were related to the effect of punishment and the lack of rehabilitation  in the Albanian legislation. Many experts agreed that the criminal policies are not due to crime, but higher minimum penalties provided by law. Punishment is not effective and there is a need to assist the rehabilitation with infrastructure in order to prevent and treat the subject. The possibility of changing the law, must be taken in consideration, especially in terms of categorization of prisoners.

This initiative was supported unanimously by the participants and urged other meetings of this nature to a wider audience as well as the possibility of establishing a working group for drafting a national strategy to prevent the consequences of social, economic and budgetary upon individuals, families and the state budget.



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