Sharing experience of Visegrad countries EU economic integration for Albania and Kosovo

Start Date: October 2014

End Date: April 2015

Country: Albania

Origin of Funding: International Visegrad Fund

Project Description:

The project “Sharing experience of Visegrad countries’ EU economic integration for Albania and Kosovo” 81410080″‏‏ is funded by International Visegrad Fund. The project aims at enabling Visegrad countries to share their experience and to play significant role in the process of Albania’s and Kosovo’s economic integration with the EU and transfer of Georgian know-how in successful structural reforms for Albania and Kosovo. The project will be implemented through series of workshops, presentations, sight-tours, report development.

The Main goal of the project is to:

–   share experience and  lessons learnt from Visegrad countries in economic integration with the EU and the obligations deriving from it;

–      introduce beneficiaries to Georgian experience of reforms in sector specific areas.

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