What Kosovo needs

Nga Arben Malaj, Presidenti i IPPM

Blocking the  Assembly functions, these serious events in the sessions of the Assembly are indicative of a serious crisis of confidence.

What’s disappointing is the lack of positive influences from Albanian politicians in the region, particularly from Albania towards Kosovo politicians.

The worsening of the situation has serious consequences not only for Kosovo.

This creates political uncertainty, social poverty and delays in building the rule of law, institutions must consolidate the peace achieved and should support the development and its prosperity.

Guardianship system ,  meetings or public events, discriminating statements are not required, only minimal actions are required, what is required is for our politicians to positively influence  to their colleagues in Kosovo to reduce tensions and return to the institutions .

When there are elections in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, our politicians from each side of the border from Albania get tired to pose together , get tired of common electoral debates , get tired to be present in the Kosovo Albanian media. Often this support even among Albanians is made on individual recognition under the  party cloak.

In the modern world personal contacts are considered important , especially in overcoming the crisis or major European and Global reforms .

The cooperation history of the leaders of France and Germany based on personal mutual respects is found clarified  in the analysis of critical moments and crucial reforms of the EU.

In the case of Kosovo, it seems that this policy principle  does not function, in order to overcome a serious political and social crisis, threatening a crisis over Kosovo.

Perhaps the explanation is  simple , because the historic leaders of the major agreements have been aware of the challenges, and to achieve them  they have used even personal friendships.

But in this case maybe our personal connections between politicians may have not been to simplify the challenges of our country and our nation.

Even this video sent by a lover of Kosovo currently residing in Boston, proves that the Albanians among centuries have been and are hospitable . But history according to Konica shows that we are  hospitable  to foreigners and “enemies” among us and to our country too.

That is why it is necessary to stop this  social, institutional and political culture. We need to begin to love and respect each other, even when we are  political opponents or competitors. This culture is also found in the holy books of any religion.

The crisis in Kosovo but also in other countries of our region argues and justifies the necessity of simple engagements , modest and humble, of any politician towards their colleagues especially in  difficult times and situations.

The return to  institutions is immediate for Kosovo, and not only for Kosovo. It is true that without peace there is no prosperity, but it is particularly true also that there is no prosperity without sustainable peace.

There is no peace in the region  that Churchill, in 1941 will determine as the region that produces more history than it consumes.

In front of this situation is not required any commitment  to serve one or another political wing, much less in the  politics in Kosovo.

As I mentioned before only the minimum is required, it is required to use any positive and personal  influence to restore policy in Kosovo’s political institutions.

The policy is required, without disrupting the activity of the parliament, without dispersing it with tear gases.

Kosovo has shed enough tears in its history of suffering to get where it is today, to be an independent state, known currently by most countries of the UN, EU, NATO and from international organizations where it is a member .

Our colleagues must compete in this holy institution of parliamentary democracy by using the force of arguments and the advantage of public support.

Currently is required that the state-building culture of Kosovo  and Albania to be a guarantee for strong and effective institutions on which  peace and our prosperity should be sustained.

Constitutional institutions should be a guarantee of future developments.
Make the minimum dear  politicians colleagues of  Kosovo, but not just Kosovo.

Remove murderous uncertainty from our land for future  economic, social and political developments.

Commit to the legal state institutions, endorsing peace and prosperity as the only way, especially for the Western Balkans region which still remains the poorest region of Europe.

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