Trainings for the Civil Society

In the period October – November 2013, the President of the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance, Mr. Arben Malaj was part of  Trainings for Civil Society on the rules and procedures governing public participation in the legislative process.

Involvement of Civil Society in the process of the discussion and drafting of laws, promotes the public debate on good governance .

The Civil Society, has been a key element to improve governance at all levels within the community, and also in the local and central level.

Its mission is the good governance. Civil Society should be an added value in the public debate with a clear mission. Institutions should better approach the public and get their assessment having a real independence.

Increasing the efficiency of cooperation between the parliament and Civil Society, better helps to fulfill the priorities  of several areas, communities and social groups. During the training sessions were identified several social challenges that civil society should engage by enhancing collaboration between them and the parliament.

The training events were organized for representatives of the local communities and civil society organizations in the towns of  Tropoja, Kukes, Shkodra, Fier, Puka, Korca and Dibra. The trainings focused on the ways the citizens can engage with the parliament (i.e. how to approach parliament to get access to the consultation process, who can attend the committee’s meetings, how to request a public hearing) how to lobby and to network.  The work of different parliamentary committees, was analysed and used as a case study to familiarize the participants with possible ways of participating in the consultation process.

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