Training on Labour Legislation for the Public Administration

On 22 November 2013 , the Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance took part in a meeting with representatives of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania and their colleagues from Italy, to discuss the challenges of public administration and the specifics of the new law.

The Institute for Public Policy and Good Governance aims to increase the  cooperation with stakeholders, to promote more professional studies and to increase the transparency of the drafting and implementation of policies and decisions of the government and appreciates in this context the realization of the seminar “Labour legislation for the public administration”.

This activity focused on new legislative changes in the public sector and their impact on trade union movement considering that :

  •  The new law changes the way of recruitment in the public administration, and has an impact also for current employees.
  • Determines that the public administration should have no more contracted employees, but only eployees with the civil status.
  •  All budgetary institutions must complete the bidding procedures for all civil non-political eployees.
  • Political representatives will have a small percentage, left mostly to staff managers..
  • Establish the School of Public Administration, that replaces the Training Institute of Public Administration.

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